Meet Our Leaders

Lead Pastor Prophet Shane L. Bryant

Shane L. Bryant the founder and Senior Lead Pastor of The Re-forming Church is known to captivate audiences with his impactful and relevant teaching style.  He is insightful and revelatory in his approach to biblical truths. He is able to maintain the attention of his audience through expressions of humor while balancing the seriousness of the call. If you ask him, what his major desire is, he would respond to see the Body of Christ rise in unity.  The mission of his heart is to complete the assignment God has given him completely and with a spirit of excellence.  Shane L. Bryant is also known for his clear and accurate prophetic utterances.

His desire when he gave his life to God was to be used as a worthy instrument.  He understands with serious clarity what he is called to do and the tools he has been given to accomplish the task.  His first desire is to please God with uncompromising faith and a standard worthy of the vocation he is called.  He firmly believes in the grace and mercy afforded to us through Jesus Christ.  But understands that a life lived for God must demonstrate maturity and transformation.  He loves God deeply and seeks to demonstrate that same love to the world.

Prophet Shane has had the opportunity to speak on international platforms in Anguilla and in the Dominic Republic. There is a global demand on Prophet Shane to touch the masses with the power and love of God.  To be a conduit for God to manifest his promises to his people while also reaching the lost.

His call demonstrates his ability to be a bridge from trouble to triumph and from pain to purpose.   


In May of 2015 he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership through Point University and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Throughout his matriculation he was able to maintain his positon on the Dean’s List as well.

Prophet Shane along with his wife Prophetess Shirelle L. Bryant have ministered as a team internationally as well as locally.  Of all the hats he wears his favorite ones are that of a Son of God and a husband.  He loves and cherishes his wife deeply.  Prophet Shane is driven on the premise that God can do anything.  He forms his basis for this thought on Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”.

Executive Pastor, Prophetess Shirelle L. Bryant

As pastor, mentor, and entrepreneur, Shirelle L. Bryant has been a defining voice in the lives of many. She attracts and captivates people with her friendly personality. Pastor Shirelle was born and raised in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where she first received her call to ministry over 15 yrs. ago. Pastor Shirelle is gifted and multitalented. Her administrative skills and business mind has led her to establish her own business for over 10 years at the age of 21, and recently launched her own jewelry line for women.

Pastor Shirelle now enjoys her life in ministry and shares the platform with her husband, Lead Pastor Prophet Shane L. Bryant. Together, they are the proud founders of “The Reforming Church.” Co-laboring in ministry with her husband is one of Shirelle’s greatest joys. As part of her call to ministry, pastor Shirelle along with her husband travels and has ministered on International soil. It has been said, their prophetic utterances makes them a dynamic team. Pastor Shirelle has served in ministry and in various leadership roles for more than 17 years. Thus, she has been recognized for her leadership abilities and has a strong passion for leadership development. In 2011 Pastor Shirelle launched and instituted “LEADING LEADERS LEAD,” a place where she and her husband Prophet Shane develop leaders by equipping them to effectively lead in both the market place and ministry.

Pastor Shirelle has a very unique style of ministering to all people from all walks of life, ensuring love is the foundation in the way she ministers. Pastor Shirelle is very direct and unapologetic in her standards.


She is unequivocally compassionate and strives to lead others by exemplifying a Christ-like lifestyle. Those that know her can identify her as being a woman of excellence. One would say her strong stance and moral fortitude does not allow room for anything less than the best. Her obedience to her call demands her to minister wherever God sends her. Though she is a pastor, she also operates in her prophetic gift which makes her a prophet that pastors rather than a pastor who prophesies. Because of the prophetic grace over her life, Pastor Shirelle is called to be a prophetess to the nations crossing all denominational barriers.

Educationally, Pastor Shirelle attended Oral Roberts University where she majored in Psychology and Religious Studies. Pastor Shirelle has matriculated thru Point University where she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling and is looking to further her Education by pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology. As part of her ministry, Pastor Shirelle is active and committed to serving in her local church and community. Her drive and enormous heart to help sets her apart; seeing others happy and blessed is her goal. Currently, Pastor Shirelle is the founder of S.H.E Ministries; Sisters Supporting and Helping Each other, a mentorship program for young women and women. Her focus is to encourage women to be who they were wonderfully designed to be. Pastor Shirelle will pull out the best in you. Love is her Seal!

“Giving Just enough, is not good enough, when more is in you.”
--Pastor Shirelle L. Bryant


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.